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  Extrusion, especially cold extrusion, has the advantages of high material utilization rate, improved material structure and mechanical properties, simple operation and high productivity. It can be used to make long rods, deep holes, thin-walled and special-shaped section parts. It is an important process with few and no cutting. Extrusion is mainly used for metal forming, but also can be used for plastic, rubber, graphite and clay billet and other non-metallic forming. When extruding, the billet produces three direction compressive stress, even if the blank with low plasticity can be extruded. Extrusion molding is not only used in mechanical processing, but also in food processing. The dough is propelled by screw conveying and extruded into various shapes of macaroni by die.

  Extrusion molding is also called extrusion molding in plastic processing. In non-rubber extruder processing, hydraulic pressure is used to extrude the mold itself. There are many kinds of processable polymers in extrusion molding, and the products are more diverse. There are many differences in the molding process, but the basic process is roughly the same. The more common process is to feed and extrude the products in solid state. This extrusion process is: the granular or powdery solid material is added to the hopper of the extruder, the extruder barrel outside a heater, through heat conduction will heat generated by the heater to the material in the barrel, the temperature rises to the melting temperature.

  Dalian extrusion molding machine runs, the screw in the barrel rotates, conveys the material forward, the material rubs and shears with the material simplified, the screw and the material and the material mutually, produces the massive heat, and the heat conduction joint action causes the added material to melt unceasingly, the melted material is continuously and steadily conveyed to After the die passes through the die with a certain shape, the material in the flowing state takes the similar shape of the die, and then enters the cooling and setting device, so that the material solidifies on one side and keeps the fixed shape on the other. Under the action of the traction device, the product moves continuously and the size of the product is obtained. Cut products by cutting, so that they can be stored and transported.

Is extrusion and extrusion the same thing?

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